Each year Tenbury Wells, The Town in the Orchard, celebrates the Mighty Apple with a one day event held on the Town’s Burgage Recreational Area on the first Saturday in October.

2023 Applefest was on October 7th.

Applefest on 7th October 2023 was an amazingly successful day. The number of people through the gate was in excess of 1,670 in addition to children and those involved. It was incredibly well received and enjoyed by all the stall holders, entertainers, participants, public and working volunteers who selflessly gave up their time and energy to make it a superb day. We have a fantastic small committee who have worked since January to stage the event. A wonderful number of helpers assisted on the day along with a crew that worked very hard to “put up and take down”.

Thank you to the townsfolk and traders of Tenbury, and all who came. Special thanks are due to those who might have endured difficult car journeys due to at least two major traffic incidents in the area, and any stress and anxiety caused by limited parking facilities within the town. We apologise to them and thank them for their patience and understanding whilst our stewards worked very hard to try to help them. Your determination to get to Applefest is gratifying and contributed to the success of the day.

Thank you to everyone, as without you it just would not happen.
Pictures of 2023 are in the Gallery.

Tenbury Applefest Association.

The Contacts:

Anton Schooley
07973 549921

Elizabeth Allen

David Downward, Secretary
07885 483081

Jane Barnes

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